Do you want add precious inches to your vertical leap?

Do you want to shave critical seconds off your 40 times?

Do you want to become a powerful, explosive athlete that dominates the game like Tom Brady, Conor McGregor, or Kevin Durant?

Do you want to transform star potential into star performance?

If superior athletic performance is your goal, then you've come to right place to learn about the best methods and theories for sports training!

This site has been created for the athlete looking to take their game to the next level. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply a parent looking for youth training programs, the resources within will help you to unlock your full athletic potential. Here you will find training tips and programs used by the most successful athletes in the world, that can be applied to your own routine to assist in developing the critical edge needed to succeed on your chosen field of play. The SPS Team features a knowledgeable group of professional fighters, athletes, trainers, and more.

While there is no substitute for hard work, we will show the benefit of smart training. Quite simply, we will demonstrate what works and what doesn't. You will learn the best ways to train for your given sport, be it baseball, basketball, football, golf, MMA, etc. Not only will you find the best sport-specific training methods, but you will also be educated in cutting-edge techniques that will boost your overall fitness level in key areas such as strength, speed, and flexibility, which are critical to success in just about every sport.

Be sure to check out the Superstar Programs for training routines of the greatest athletes in professional sports including Dwayne Wade, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, and more!

To learn more about some of the best sports training products on the market, be sure to check out our Product Reviews page and see which ones are worth your time and money and which are complete waste of time in your training efforts. You will also find a selection of highly-recommended sports training products in the SPS Sports Mart.

Never forget that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Here you will find the knowledge to succeed. Check back often for the latest updates!

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Sports Training Resources
Star Potential Sports presents the best sports training resources available today.
Superstar Training Programs
Review our Superstar Training Programs to see how the best in the business achieve their peak athletic potential.
SPS Sports Mart
The SPS Sports Mart is your one-stop shop to find all the best sports-training accesories.
Sports Training Product Reviews
Expert sports training product reviews for some of the hottest training aids on the market.
Agility Ladder Training
Agility ladder training is a great way to built footwork and athleticism. Get the basics on this important sports training component.
Baseball Training
Dominate the diamond with these baseball training programs that will improve your hitting, fielding, and pitching.
Basketball Training
Looking for the best basketball training program? Take your basketball skills to the next level with these training tips.
Beast Strength
Beast Strength can be achieved in some unsual ways. Try them unique training methods to achieve truly freakish strength results.
Bodyweight Training
Develop superior natural strength using these effective and powerful bodyweight training exercises.
Core Strength Training
Core strength training should be the centerpiece of any effective sports training workout.
Cricket Training
Learn the basics of Cricket and how Cricket Training can help you become a star player in the beautiful game.
Crossfit Training
Learn the sports training benefits of Crossfit Training
Flexibility Training
Flexibility training is a key factor in staying injury free and achieving peak physical performance. Learn the basics about improving this critical area.
Football Training
Football training is important for a growing number of athletes who want to learn to dominate on the gridiron!
Golf Training
Constructing a proper golf training program can help you become better in all aspects on the green!.
Grip Strength Training
Grip strength training is an underrated factor is superior sports performance. Get the basic training info here!
Kettlebell Training
Kettlebell training can help you develop superior sport-specific strength and power.
Mental Discipline For Sports
Mental discipline training for sports can be a key factor to improved physical performance on your chose field of play.
MMA Training
Mixed Martial Arts are one of the fastest growing segments of the sports world. Utilize some of these custom MMA training programs to enhance your conditioning and overall martial skill level.
Parkour Training
Parkour training has exploded in interest with the popularlity of American Ninja Warrior. Learn the basics about training in this entetertaining new sport!
Plyometric Training
Plyometric training should be the centerpiece of any sports training program. Get the basics here.
Soccer Training
Soccer training is important as it is the favored sport of the international community. Get some insight to improve your all-around game.
Speed Training
Speed Training is an essential component of any competitive athlete's conditioning program.
Sport Supplements
Sport Supplements can provide the x-factor in achieving superior training results.
Sport Injury Prevention
Sport injury prevention is one of the critical elements of any sports training program. Here are some tips to help minimize the chances of injury.
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Sports injury rehabilitation is an important topic for any athlete who engages in a regular amount of training time.
Sports Prodigies
Sports prodigies are fascinating and unique athletes who seemingly defy the odds to achieve astounding results at an early age.
Early Sport Specialization
Many experts believe that early sport specilization is counterproductive and can hinder the development of young athletes.
Sports Vision Training
Sports Vision Training drills can greatly improve athletic performance for just about any sport. here are a few to get started with.
Vertical Leap Training
Looking to add critical inches to your jumping ability? Try our vertical leap training program to become a true high-flier!
Vertimax Training
Find out why the Vertimax training is the most effective tool for building your speed and vertical leap.
VO2 Max Training
VO2 Max Training can help supercharge your endurance and power for high-intensity sports performance
Weight Loss For Sports
Weight loss for sports is an important first step before engaging in rigorous training programs.
Weight Vest Training
Weight Vest training is a great way to make your normal sport-specific training sessions even more effective.
Yoga For Sports
Yoga for sports training can be one of the most beneficial methods to continued health.
Youth Basketball Training
Learn the youth basketball training basics.
Youth Fitness Training
With the rise of sports related injuries and obesity in children, a sound youth fitness training program is more important than ever. Learn some of the best youth training methods here.
Youth Nutrition
Healthy eating habits are critical to a competitive athlete, and even more so to a developing child. Get the basics on proper youth nutrition for young athletes.
AAU Basketball
Check out the AAU Basketball page for information about building n AAU team and links to some of the best AAU clubs in the nation.
Body Wisdom
Before some can achieve superior athletic results, they need to embark on a plan to improve their overall fitness level. Try the Body Wisdom Program to start on your road to athletic greatness.
Tri-City Thunder
The home page for the Tri-City Thunder Basketball Club.
Personal Training
Sport-specific personal training for the San Francisco Bay Area.
Fun Sports Videos
Fun sports videos to emphasize the lighter side of sports
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Deadlift Training
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Olympic Lifts
Olympic Lifts are a great all-around traiuning method to improve sports performance. Learn the benefits here.
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Would you like to share your knowledge about sports training? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.