Conor McGregor Workout Program

Conor McGregor is a self-trained UFC fighter and the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight champion. He is among the famous mixed martial art artist of all time. Conor McGregor has a robust workout program which specializes more in MMA training. McGregor became the UFC champion in 2015 when he knocked out Jose Aldo, who hadn’t lost in 10 years, within 13 seconds. 

Conor McGregor workout focuses on movement based training. Focusing on his workout, Conor McGregor has been able to take over UFC for the past two years. He has so many fighting techniques and also fights as no one else does. He says that MMA training should not focus on heavy weight lifting and be sparring hard. It should be about being loose and flexible and having excellent balance.

For Conor McGregor, a fighter should train everything and not being obsessed with training just one style. “I’m open to training in anything” Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor has a workout program he believes helps unleash his fighting beast. The workout helps in warming out with flexibility, go on to conditioning and to finish with a bodyweight circuit. Conor McGregor workout includes;

1. Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a technique that includes the extensive use of shines, hands, elbows and knees. It is also referred to as “The Art of eight limbs.” it consists striking with elbows and knees, punches, and kicking. In Muay Thai, Conor McGregor practices how to, take a fighting stand stance, stepping through with the back leg while driving the nee upward and pushing the hips forward. He does this repeatedly for both legs for about a minute.

2. Yoga

Conor McGregor trains with movement specialist Ido Portal who is a fan of yogic movement. Yoga helps in improving your flexibility. It helps in relaxing your muscles after wrestling or boxing which may leave your muscles very tight. McGregor is seen as more of a master in Yoga than in MMA training as his techniques mostly focus on movements making him very flexible. 

3. Dynamic Stretching and Flexibility Exercises

This is a routine in which momentum and muscular effort are used to elongate muscles at the end of a range motion. The exercises are aimed at improving muscle flexibility and balance. they include;
• Shoulder and headstands 
Shoulder stand is an effective way to build abdominal strength as well as practicing balance. For Conor McGregor, balance determines the ring outcome. Similarly, headstand also helps in developing abdominal strength as well as lowering back muscles. Headstand improves on balance and strength.

4. Bodyweight Circuit Exercises 

This is a workout that is aimed at demolishing body fat and strengthening muscles. They include;
• Muscle up 
The muscle-up is meant to strengthen middle back, abs, biceps shoulders, traps, and triceps. Muscle-up is done by initiating a pull up by the use of two rings to pull the elbows down. You should maintain control to complete the movement. Muscle-ups help in strengthening the back, triceps, biceps, and chest. It also helps in improving wrist strength and rotator cuff strength. 

• Push-ups and pull-ups. 
To have proper push-ups, ensure that when you are down on the ground, you set your hands at a distance slightly more extensive than the shoulder-width, and the feet are in such a way that they Push-ups help the shoulders and the triceps. You should hold your body up while enfolding the chest. Pull-ups For pull-ups, you hold a bar that is horizontal with an overhead grip and then pulls your chest up to the bar. It aims at strengthening the biceps, back, and traps. 

• Air squats 
Air squat Strengthen your glutes and hamstrings by having regular air squats. For Conor McGregor, the combination of different skills is what makes him different on the ring. A commanding mastering of a single technique will ensure that you have an advantage on the ring but having different skills will limit your weak points on the circle just as McGregor, you will be able to face any opponent. 

5. Mixed Martial Art Training 

Mixed martial art is commonly known as MMA training. It involves the use of different martial arts techniques while fighting which reduces fighters weak points. Such methods involved in MMA training include Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Judo, kickboxing, Muay Thai, capoeira among others.

Conor McGregor has been incredibly challenging to figure out as he has a compelling experience in Mixed Martial Arts utilizing many techniques and movement patterns that many do not know. He has a good command of different MMA skills which makes him difficult to face. 

For Conor McGregor, the traditional strength training has been overrated. He claims that people are caught up in the traditional routine, and they have been doing the same thing over and over. For him, he wants to be an expert in many different things.