Paleo Recipe Book Review

The Paleo Recipe Book

A Paleo Recipe Book review for those interested in sound sports training nutrition.

Paleo enthusiasts are always on the lookout for nice, delicious Paleo receipes so that they can spice up their meals.

While there are many of such recipes readily available on the Internet (for free), but the problem is that, most of them are not complete, or the dishes that they prepared (by following the recipe) does not seem to be close to the dishes in the photographs (accompanying the recipes).

This has left many feeling frustrated...

With the introduction of "The Paleo Recipe Book", it has said to help solve many of the frustrations of the Paleo enthusiasts, as in they were now able to cook up nice, delicious dishes.

In this review, you will find out more about "The Paleo Recipe Book" - In particular, we're going to show you what you will get in this package, a little sneak peek into what you'll be getting in each package, pros and cons of the package, as well as what fellow customers are saying about it...

What Will You Find In "The Paleo Recipe Book"?

"The Paleo Recipe Book" consists of a total of 395 pages, with over 370 recipes (at this time of writing of our review).

These recipes are organized according to the following food categories - Salads, Snacks, Soups, Omelettes, Meat, Chicken, Fish and Seafood, Desserts, Foccacias, Breakfast Recipes.

Each of the recipe comes along with the following - The ingredients required (along with how much is required), how exactly to prepare the dish, as well as a photograph showing you how the dish looks like.

Pros And Cons Of "The Paleo Recipe Book"

No products are perfect... The same goes for "The Paleo Recipe Book". And in this section, we shall take a look at some of the pros and cons about this particular product.

First, let us look at some of the pros of the product (as we see it while we are reviewing the product) - One thing we like to highlight about this book is the fact that, all the recipes is very well-laid out (with the exact ingredients required along with the quantities, the exact steps to prepare each and every dish, as well as a photograph of the dish). This will help anyone to be able to look at the book and prepare the dish.

Another aspect that we like about this product is the fact that, all the recipes that were presented in "The Paleo Recipe Book" are very aligned with the core principles of Paleo, which Paleo enthusiasts really will appreciate and enjoy.

Plus, in terms of variety, there are aplenty... With over 370 dishes available, this one single book can really spice up any Paleo enthusiasts' meals.

So much about the pros... Now, let's talk about some of the cons.

One con that we have noticed about the book is that, some of the dishes may not be that easy to prepare as it seems (however, this constitutes only a very small minority).

Also, at 395 pages, and with everything in full color, it may take awhile for one to print out the entire book.

What Are Fellow Customers Saying About "The Paleo Recipe Book"?

Having already looked at what you'll find in the book, along with pros and cons about it, we shall now take a look at what some of the fellow customers are saying about "The Paleo Recipe Book".

Here's a review submitted by David Csonka, and I quote:

"This is not your average cook book. During my first glance through S?bastien's phenomenal new cooking guide I was blown away by the shear volume of helpful cooking information it contains. This isn't just a collection of delicious paleo recipes (of which it contains well over 300!), it's also an indispensable guide on how to master the preparation of various complicated dishes.

Want to know how to cook the perfect steak? Check. Make your own homemade stock? Check. Curious about lacto-fermenting foods? Check. That doesn't even begin to crack the surface. The 8 week meal plan will help any paleo newbie stick to a healthy eating plan, while the comprehensive herb and spice guide will start you on your way to becoming a wiz in the kitchen.

I was pleasantly surprised by The Paleo Recipe Book, and I think you will be too. Do your mouth and stomach a favor, and check this out."

Here's another review... This one is by Melissa Fritcher:

"From the very first moment, this cookbook captivates. The pictures are phenomenal. It's almost possible to taste the deliciousness! There is no shortage of great ideas, recipes, and information. S?bastien has put together a huge WIN here. It is worth every single penny. You will reference this resource again and again for years to come. There are hundreds of amazing choices and you will never lack for variety. Meal planning can be overwhelming for a Primal food-obsessive and this takes the pressure off that process. It's the best possible combination of easy, tasty, and healthy!"

And finally, here's one more review that was posted by Olly Goddard, and this is what he has to say about "The Paleo Recipe Book":

"Look no further! The Paleo Recipe Book is by far the most comprehensive Paleo diet resource that I have come across to date. As a Personal Trainer and avid CrossFitter, I have experienced first hand how proper nutrition is integral to optimising athletic performance. I believe that this is only achievable through a balanced Paleo diet.

S?bastien has done a commendable job of making his book come to life with a vivid array of vibrant and tantalising recipe photographs. I fully intend on recommending it to my clients and to anyone, for that matter, who is looking to commit to their diet and achieve long term health and vitality."

Our Final Verdict

If you are looking for a Paleo recipe book that covers recipes for all the various categories, and you also are looking for one that does indeed give you a step-by-step instruction (in full) on how to prepare the dishes, then we would say look no further than "The Paleo Recipe Book".

With over 370 recipes in many categories, there's something for all Paleo enthusiasts.

Also, in terms of fellow customers' feedback about it, many have given very positive feedback about this particular book... And this is why "The Paleo Recipe Book" has received our highest level of recommendation.

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The Paleo Recipe Book

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