By Zach Even – Esh

Believe it or not, the gyms “back in the day” looked much like what everyone is trying to use as a fad today, calling everything “old school” is TRUE, but, old school strength back in the day was NOT being used as a fad.

It was a way of life for these lifters and athletes. They lived and breathed mastering their body, gaining strength, packing on muscle and manipulating their nutrition to improve their health & performance.

Rope Climbs, Gymnastics training, hand walking AND the use of powerlifting, olympic lifting and kettlebell training all COexisted.

The men from the older days knew that these were just tool and methods and putting them all together improved their health and strength.

They were right :)

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Bodyweight Training is an absolute MUST have in your workouts, but, NOT just the strength movements such as dips, push ups, pull ups and leg raises.

You need to use the gymnastics movements that demand your body to demonstrate balance, control, strength & coordination.

Movements such as rope climbs, ring training, hand walking, tumbling, jumping, power hopping, bridging, cliff hangers (monkey bars), headstands, etc.

Trust me, I too thought that being good at push ups and pull ups was where it all counted, but I got my ass handed to me during a gymnastics class in college during my undergrad years.

Full body plyo push ups, hand walking on parallel bars, squat jumps on crash pads and knee tucks forwards / backwards on the pommel horse.

If you’re not exposing yourself to your weak areas while training you are likely cheating yourself and making excuses.

Put yourself through a challenging workout consisting of the bodyweight drills that make your muscles cry, “What the hell is going on here!!??”. Go ahead, walk on your hands, bear crawl backwards, try to climb your away across a steel beam or monkey bars and see how your lats, grip and abs feel!

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