The Body Wisdom Cardio program is designed to turn your body into a fat-burning furnace and help you shred excess weight in the most-timely manner possible. Quite simply, nothing gets your metabolism operating at its peak like an intense cardiovascular conditioning program. The following program is something that I stumbled upon a few years back. Needless to say, it is challenging and will help to tremendously raise your fitness level.

For the best results, try the program early in the morning, before you have eaten a good breakfast. When your body sugar levels are low, your body burns fat much more efficiently and allows you to super-charge your results.


The Body Wisdom Cardio program works on a four-day cycle.

Day One – Run an intense 600 meter sprint (approximately .37 miles), five times. Take a two minute break between each sprint. Once you can reach a level of averaging 1 minute, 50 seconds per 600 meter sprint, you will be doing very well.

Day Two – Run a straight 3000 meters (approximately 1.86 miles) without stopping. The fitness level you are looking to achieve will be completing this grueling distance in under 10 minutes time. That’s a pretty demanding pace.

Day Three – Run a straight 6000 meters (approximately 3.45 miles) without stopping, at a more relaxed pace. The fitness level you are eventually looking to reach here will be under 23 minutes.

Day Four – Rest! You’ll have earned it. However, be ready for more challenges ahead.

Day Five – Return to your Day One session, and start the cycle anew. As you go, continue to up the intensity as your body becomes more proficient to handling the demands you are placing on it. You never want these workouts to become something comfortable. Continue to push your body and the results will be spectacular.


As you can see, the cardio session is actually fairly short in total time, but is very demanding in nature. You wont burn a ton of calories in these sessions, but what you will do in significantly increase your VO2 Max levels, which in turn results in a higher metabolism. The benefit is that is your body will burn fat more efficiently, while at rest, during the remainder of the day. Try this program for a few weeks, along with consistent strength training and sound eating principles. The results should be apparent in improved body composition, as well as an increase in your natural energy levels. Those are results that should appeal to just about anybody!

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