by Jay Foster

When it comes to starting out with MMA, it is important to find a good school for your training. Take some time to find all of the schools in your area and compare them to decide which the best option for you is. Here are some tips on helping you compare.

The first step that you need to take is to make sure that the schools are run by qualified instructors. Take some time to check out the school websites and find out more about the people who teach the MMA. If there is no website or it does not tell you what you need to know, telephone the school and make sure that this is one of your questions. Good instructors will have no problem in telling you all about their qualifications.

If you are worried about someone lying to you about their qualifications, take some time to check online to find out more about them.

Check to make sure that the qualification really exists and whether the instructors of those classes could have possibly gained those qualifications. You also need to determine whether the qualifications actually mean anything in the world of MMA.

The next step to take is to find out about prices for the lessons. Many schools will offer block lessons at a set price, while others may offer separate hours at a price. Which type works for you is a personal choice but there are some considerations that you should make first. Cheapest does not always mean worse and most expensive does not always mean the best. You cannot just go off the price, but this is a great way to rule out those schools that are out of your budget.

Take a trip to the classes to find out how they are run. This is a great way to determine whether you fit in with the school and the other students in the classes. The majority of the time, a school will give you the opportunity to join in a class for free as a taster session. This will also help you determine whether you will get on well with the instructors or whether you should start looking somewhere else for a center for you.


There are many different types of MMA specialties. Some schools will specialize in ju-jitsu while others will specialize in Muay Thai. This is something that you should talk to the instructor about. You may want to go into a certain type of fighting style instead of another one so you will need to find the school that offers that ability.

MMA is not just for men. There are also some clubs that are open for women. However, not all schools will offer this and it is up to you to find out which MMA schools offer female classes. You may find that some schools over mixed classes while others offer single-sex classes. It is up to you to determine which will work the best for your needs and situation.