Deadlift Training

If you want to add slabs of muscles to your body, then you can't miss out the deadlift! The deadlift, the king of mass builders, will help you pack on muscles in your lower and upper body, strengthening and creating a very awesome physique.

The deadlift and the squat are the two top exercises when it comes to building mass. Many argue that squats are better at contributing to size and strength gains. The squat really does allow you to pack on lots of muscles. But the deadlift.. it's the exercise that allows you to use the most weight! And when it comes to building a body, the greater the weight you use, the more muscles you grow.

Like the squats, the deadlift creates an anabolic environment in your body, promoting overall muscle growth throughout your whole body. It's a compound exercise, that works your whole body. It works your legs, your arms, your core, your back and many more muscles.

Why deadlift?

1) The deadlift is the king of mass builders! It is a compound lift that uses a lot of muscles in your body. Your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, lower back, trapezius, lats, arms, core. Almost everything! So the deadlift will help you train your whole body.

2) Anabolic environment. Compound lifts that utilizes lots of muscle groups, like the deadlift, promotes the release of testosterone and growth hormones that will result in an anabolic environment, stimulating growth throughout the whole body.

3) Builds Core Stability. The deadlift will activate all of the muscles responsible for core strength and correct posture. The correct technique used in deadlifting will allow you to train your core, to keep your back straight. It'll strengthen the surrounding muscles and stabilizer muscles to help you balance and control the weight. This results in improved core strength, balance and posture, all of which are essential in your daily activities.

4) Real Life Application. The deadlift involves one picking up a weight of the ground, and this is exactly the same as your everyday activity of lifting objects from the ground. The real benefit of deadlift will come into play when you're lifting a heavy object of the ground, in a safe manner, knowing that the likelihood of you getting injured, is very low.

5) Increased grip strength. Deadlift develops gripping strength. It is one of the best exercises for increasing grip strength and strengthening the forearms. You'll manually hold the weight using your forearms only. Hundreds of pounds of weight, all on forearm!

6) Measure of strength! The deadlift is the exercise that will allow you to use the most weight! It is deemed as a test of overall muscle strength. Garry Frank, USA, deadlifted 931.5 pounds in 2002!!! And this brings back to point 5. His forearms are the ones holding the 931.5 pounds of weight!!!

7) Cardio. Deadlift develops your cardio respiratory fitness. It taxes your cardiovascular system. At the end of a set, you should be panting and grasping for air! So as you can see, the deadlift really has a lot of benefits!

How to Perform Deadlift?

1) Stand shoulder width apart with the bar on the floor lightly touching you shins. Grab the barbell slightly wider than shoulder width length. Use an overhand grip, or an alternate grip (one overhand, and one underhand).

2) Adjust your posture. Keep you back straight, tighten your core. Hold your shoulders back, squeezing the blades. Ensure your chest faces forward. And throughout the whole lift, always make sure that you do not round your back!

3) Grip the bar tightly, and push the weight up with your feet. Your legs will generate the power needed to lift it up. Extend you whole body. At the top, lock out your body, using your upper body to hold the weight in place. At this time, you body should be in an upright posture, with the bar around the midway position of you thigh.

4) Lower the weight to the ground. Just reverse the movements you execute to lift it up. Lower the weight in a controlled manner. maintaining your posture. Some pointers here. Always exhale will lifting the weight up. And remember to keep the bar in contact with your body throughout the whole movement. Also, do not use momentum and bounce the weight back up as this can result in injury.

So next time you hit the gym, remember to deadlift your way to a greater physique!

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