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The Derek Rose training workout can help transform you into a quicker, more athletic point guard capable of running the show on the basketball court.

Rose was born on October 4, 1988 in Chicago, IL. and plays in the National Basketball Association for the Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose is 6 foot 3 inches and weighs at 205 pounds. He has succeeded at every level of the sport. After winning two high school state championships, he moved on to the University of Memphis in 2007 and led the Tigers all the way to the National Championship game. Rose was selected with the first pick in June 2008 by the Chicago Bulls for the 2008-2009 NBA season. Wasting little time in making himself a force to be reckoned with at the highest level of the game, Rose was named the Most Valuable Player of the league for the 2010-2011 season after leading the Bulls to the NBA Eastern Conference Final. At this time, he is recognized as the best point guard in the National Basketball Association.

Here is the Derek Rose training program that you can use yourself to become a better all-around basketball player.

In a typical workout, Rose will put up 400 or so shots from around the floor, focusing on his three-pointer. The players work on ball handling, lateral movement, creating a shot off one or two dribbles, dribbling full court to a pull-up jumper and reading the ball screen.

Rose's Workout Tips

Never waste a workout. Ask your trainer/coach questions to make sure you're doing things right. Rose is never satisfied. He knows he can get better. Repetition, repetition, repetition.
Two-hour morning session

Stretch, 10 baseline-to-baseline sprints, timed (this teaches the player to shoot well when tired.) 300 college 3-pointers (closer to basket than NBA 3s): 150 off the catch/150 off the dribble from five spots: right baseline, right wing, top of key, left wing, left baseline,10-minute break, Then 285 midrange shots, off the dribble: A variety of floaters, jump shots and game-situation shots. Elevate higher arc than the 3-pointer. Twenty-six from each of the seven spots of the midrange area.

Two-hour evening session

Stretch, Then 10 baseline-to-baseline sprints, Followed by timed 300 NBA 3s: Off the catch into five spots on the floor, Take a 10-minute break, Then 285 midrange shots (a variety of off-the-dribble into the midrange area, higher arc than the 3).