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We all know there are foods to avoid. Here are the some of the worst food choices you can make for your kids:

1) Soda Pop – Few items provide as poor a nutritional option, as your average can of soda, which can contain up to a whopping ten or more teaspoons of sugar in a single serving. Given the overwhelming popularity of soft drinks in our country, this dangerous “refreshment” is certainly a leading contributor to child obesity and tooth decay. Soda also leads to lower levels of calcium and higher levels of phosphate in one’s blood system. Additionally, the average can also contains anywhere from 40 to 50 mgs of caffeine. Really, there is nothing worse you can give a child, if you are interested in their good health.

2) Hot Dogs – The Hot Dog is a favorite snack of many children. The hazards associated with the popular meal come in the form of high fat content (on average 13 grams or more per serving), as well as the heavy concentration of sodium nitrate, a chemical salt used as a preservative and flavor enhancer. If you must serve them to your kids, stick with chicken or turkey-based dogs that will provide a healthier alternative.

3) French Fries – There is little doubt, that French fries are one of the tastiest treats available today. When it comes to foods to avoid though, they should be high on your list. The main problem comes in that french fries are extremely high in saturated fat and sodium. For example, a large serving of the popular McDonald’s French fries offers 30 grams of fat, including 8grams of trans fats. As with anything, if you choose to indulge, try to keep portion size small.

4) Fruit-flavored Drinks – These are some of the most deceiving products on the market and ones that should be carefully reviewed before being passed on to your children. The majority offer less than 10% actual fruit juice, and are sweetened with extraneous amounts of sugar. The ones to really look out for those made from concentrates, which have had copious amounts of nutrients extracted.

5) Whole Milk – All of our lives, we have been bombarded with the message that “Milk does a body good.” Well, after the age of 5, there are few good reasons to choose Whole Milk over 1% Milk. Whole Milk isn't your typical foods to avoid prototype. However, in a typical 8 oz serving, the Whole Milk option will provide 150 calories and 8 grams of fat, compared to the 100 calories and 2.5 grams of fat they will get in a 1% alternative. It may not seem a lot, but if you child drinks three to four cups per day, the calories and fat intake really add up. Do you kids a favor and provide 1% or Fat Free Milk.

6) Potato Chips – Another highly popular snack that is eaten in far too large portions are potato chips. These addictive munchies are generally highly-processed and loaded with acrylamide, which is a leading cancer-causing chemical. Chips are also filled with dangerous trans fats, which is never a good thing to consume in any type of quantity.

7) Doughnuts –Another very popular snack with zero nutritional benefits is the average doughnut. Along with a can of soda, this is probably the worst food choice you can make for your children. Doughnuts are fried, and come loaded with sugar, white flour, and an alarming amount of trans fats. Additionally, one doughnut contains anywhere from 200 to 300 calories, and amounts to almost no nutritional value. Therefore, shortly after eating one or more, you are likely to still feel hungry. Do your kids a favor and just say no to the Krispy Kremes.

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