The GSP Training method has helped Georges St. Pierre to become the top-ranked mixed martial artist in the world. Because of his unique and diverse conditioning program, he has become an explosive and physically dominant UFC Welterweight Champion. With a record of 22-2, St. Pierre has won nine straight fights and reigned as the sport's best fighter over the past five years.

The following is the basic GSP training and conditioning workout that St. Pierre uses to maintain top physical form:

Day 1 - Legs
Day 2 - Upper Body Pulls/Abs
Day 3 - Upper Body Presses
Day 4 - Recovery
Repeat Cycle From Day 1

Day 1: Legs

Beginner Legs Workout: Quads/Hamstrings/Lower Back
Cardio: Tabata on the Stationary Bike: 20 sec on, 10 sec off. Repeat 8 times.
Barbell Complex Legs Cycle: Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds
Deadlifts: 1 warm up set of 12 reps
Deadlifts:5 reps
Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 5 reps
Cleans: 5 reps
Front Squats: 5 reps
Push Press (to put weight behind head): 1 rep
Squats: 5 reps
Good Mornings: 5 reps
Bodyweight Squats: Do as many as you can to burn out legs.
Calves: Bodyweight Standing Calves, holding a machine for stability to failure.
Rest 90 seconds. Then move on to the next cycle.

Day 2: Upper Body Pulls/Abs

Beginner Upper Body Pull Cycle:
Cardio: Tabata on the Rowing Machine: 20 sec on, 10 sec off. Repeat 8 times.
Upper Body Pull Cycle: Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds
High Pull: 1 warm up set of 10-12 reps
High Pull: 5 reps
Pull-ups (Underhand Grip): 1 set to failure

Medicine Ball Slams: 1 set to failure TRX Inverted Lateral Rows (Overhand Grip) or Smith Machine with legs elevated: 1 set to failure
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 1 set of 5-12 reps (to failure) Optional Bicep Curls 1 set to failure
Rest 90 seconds. Then move on to the next cycle.
Abs Cycle: Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds
Abs cycle should be done the same day as Upper Body Pull Cycle, but let your body recover before starting your Abs cycle.
Barbell Twists: 1 set to failure
"Stir the Pot"*: 1 set to failure
Leg Raises: 1 set to failure

Exercise Tips:
High Pull: An Olympic lift that works your traps but is an overall intense exercise to get the blood flowing. Explode on the way up.
Pull-ups: Use Weight Assisted Machine or do Pulldowns if you are not strong enough for Pull-ups. Use an underhand grip and explode up, slow on the way down. This works both back and biceps so I see little need for Arm Curls.
TRX Inverted Lateral Rows: Go slightly wider than shoulder length on the TRX Inverted Lateral Rows with Overhand Grip. If there is no TRX, use a Smith Machine and pull yourself up with your legs positioned on a Stability Ball or Bench.
Stir The Pot: You do this by positioning your forearms on a stability ball and extending your body up into the plank position, where your back is straight. Keep your abdominals flexed and the rest of your body stationary while using your arms to move the stability ball in a circular motion. You should look like you are stirring a pot.
Leg Raises: Bend your knees if you're not strong enough to keep your legs straight. Do this on a pull up bar and it provides a nice stretch for your back at the end of workout.

Day 3: Upper Body Presses

Cardio: Tabata on the Stationary Bike: 20 sec on, 10 sec off. Repeat 8 times.
Upper Body Press Cycle: Repeat cycle 3 times, rest 90 seconds
Warm Up lift: Standing Push Press: 1 set 10-12 reps
Standing Push Press: 1 set, 5-8 reps to failure
Dumbbell Chest Press: 1 drop set
Standing Lateral Shoulder Flyes: 1 set to failure
Triceps Extensions: 1 set to failure
Rest 90 seconds and then move on to next cycle.

Exercise Tips:
Standing Push Press: You should do this relatively heavy so that you reach failure at approximately 5-8 reps. Only do one Clean, then explode up with Push Presses, resist on the negative to failure.
Dumbbell Chest Press Drop Set: Start with heavy weight then drop immediately to a lighter weight, then do one final drop. On the final drop only use one dumbbell each side with other hand to your temple to stabilize. Start with your dominant hand then switch to weaker arm. Only do this cycle once.

Day 4: Recovery

Recovery: Make sure to take full recovery days and get lots of sleep. Guys, take your girl out to do something fun to make her feel special.