The Landon Donovan training program can help build, strength, speed, and endurance for use on the playing field!

Landon Timothy Donovan was born March 4, 1982 and one of the most famous soccer players in America. He plays forward for both the Los Angeles Galaxy and the United States Men's national soccer team. Donovan is the all-time leader in scoring and assists, and has the most caps of all active players for the Men's National Team and is a four-time winner of the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year award. His goals in the 2010 World Cup made him the highest scoring American player in World Cup history and the third American player to score in more than one World Cup.

Here's an inside look at how Donovan's training program keeps in tip top shape.


1. Stability Pad Squat: Begin in athletic stance with stability pad under each foot, Keeping knees behind toes, slowly lower into squat position until thighs are, parallel to ground, Drive up into standing position.

2. Stability Pad Lateral Jumps: Standing on left leg with stability pad under foot, jump laterally right and land on another pad, Absorb force by softening right knee and stabilizing with ankle, knee and core, Jump back to left and repeat for specified reps.

3. Single-Leg Medicine Ball Stability Pad Reach: Stand on slightly bent right leg with stability pad under foot, Hold medicine ball in front of chest, Without dropping chest toward floor, bend right knee and rotate upper body to right until medicine ball is outside of right knee, Return to start position and repeat for specified reps, Perform on left side.

4. Resisted Hip Flexion: Attach surgical tubing to foot and stationary object behindyou so there is tension in tubing, Drive resisted leg forward into high knee position, Hold, then return leg back to start position with control.

Vertical Jump Affiliate program


1. Dumbbell Push Press: Begin with slight flex in knees and dumbbells at shoulder level, Drive dumbbells straight overhead by extending hips, knees and ankles simultaneously, Finish with arms straight overhead and knees slightly bent.

2. Dumbbell Split Jump with Twist: Assume split stance with right foot forward, Hold dumbbell in both hands at chest level outside of right shoulder, Jump straight up and switch position of legs while rotating dumbbell from right to left shoulder, Upon landing with left leg forward, perform next jump and rotate dumbbell back to right.

3. Dumbbell Lunge to Single-Leg Row to Press: Holding dumbbells at sides, step into lunge position, Lower until back knee is just off ground, Bring back leg forward and raise knee in front to assume single-leg stance, Keeping dumbbells close to body, pull them up by driving elbows toward ceiling, When dumbbells reach shoulder level, drop elbows under and press dumbbells overhead, Return dumbbells to sides and repeat by stepping with opposite leg.

4. Dumbbell Lunge to Single-Leg Row to Press with Rotation: Same as left, but hold position after press, then rotate with tight core away from grounded leg.


1. Collaterals: Begin on all fours, with knees directly under hips and hands directly under shoulders, Without arching back, raise and straighten right arm and left leg so they form straight line with body, Hold position; lower limbs; repeat for specified reps; then switch sides.

2. Stability Ball Forward Roll: Kneel with forearms resting on stability ball, Raise hips so that only feet touch ground, Maintaining straight line from shoulders to feet, roll ball forward until past shoulders, Roll ball back and return to start position; repeat.

3. Stability Ball Cross: Place shoulder blades on stability ball with feet on ground, Assume bridge position by raising hips to form straight line from shoulders to knees, With tight core, bring arms to side, then raise and straighten left leg so it’s in line with upper body, Hold, lower leg and repeat with right leg, Repeat for specified reps.

4. Charlie's Angels: Place shoulder blades on stability ball and feet on ground, Assume bridge position by raising hips to form straight line from shoulders to knees, With palms together, straighten arms so they point toward ceiling, With tight core and without shifting hips, rotate arms and upper body left, then back to center, Rotate right, then back to center, Repeat for specified reps.

5. Stability Ball Supine Bounce: Lie on back with legs straight and stability ball between feet, Without allowing back to arch, raise legs so that ball is two inches above ground, Release stability ball so it bounces off ground, Catch ball between feet off one bounce, Hold; repeat for specified reps.

6.Peppers: Sit on ground with knees bent and feet off ground, As partner tosses med ball, catch it, stabilize and throw ball back without twisting hips.