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MGF 2 Protein Powder is my all-time favorite supplement for adding lean muscle. Given that there are literally hundreds of protein powders on the market to choose from, that is saying something. I have not sampled anywhere close to that amount, but I have tried a lot and this product delivers on a number of levels.

MGF, or Muscle Growth Factors, Protein has been designed as a superior option to regular whey protein. It comes in three flavors (Chocolate Supreme, Banana Supreme, and Vanilla Supreme) and in one serving delivers more than 23 grams of protein, with less than 1 gram of fat. The key reason this product delivers is that it has one of the highest rates of absorption into your system, which results in better muscle gains and development. Through the use of hydrolyzed whey, which are 40% smaller in peptide size, MGF has the ability to more easily penetrate into your intestines, which results in a greater release of Nitrogen and Amino Acids into the blood stream. MGF also ranks highly in Nitrogen retention, which in turn allows it to be one of the top fat-burning proteins on the market, as well. Additionally, the product is Lactose and Aspartame free, which means you won’t retain excess water, and contains all natural flavorings.

Beyond the obvious physical benefits you can gain from this product, there are also a few other things that stand out for me on an aesthetic level. First and foremost is the taste. I can say without any hesitation that MGF 2 Protein Powder is the best tasting protein powder I have ever sampled. If you have tried any number of these products, you’ll probably agree that the majority taste something akin to used motor oil. They simply aren’t pleasant to get down. MGF delivers is extremely unique in this area. Secondly, MGF also mixes extremely well and is not filled with the clumpiness of several other leading products. I think this goes hand-in-hand with the great taste of the product.

In review, if you are looking to add some lean muscle that tastes great and has fat-burning properties, I would highly recommend MGF 2 Protein Powder.

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MG Development MGF-2, 5 Lbs., Chocolate Supreme

MG Development MGF-2, 5 Lbs., Chocolate Supreme

Most Efficient Fat Burning Protein!

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