Monster Push-Ups Drill

Monster Push-ups is a fundamental exercise for developing upper body strength and stability. With that in mind, try this bodyweight routine that is simple in concept, but fiendishly difficult to complete.

1) To start, from a standing position, drop down and complete one basic pushup. Your hands should be shoulder width apart. Begin from a lowered position with elbows bent and slowly push up to a complete extension of your elbows, then return to your beginning position. Stand back up.
2) Count to 10, then repeat step 1, but this time, complete two push-ups, before returning to standing position.
3) Continue this process of adding one push-up with each rotation until you make it all the way up to 25 pushups.
4) From here, begin to work your way back down from 25 to 1.

I think you will find that this provides an excellent fitness test, and can also be performed in any training space.

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