The NO stands for Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a molecule that consists of atom of Nitrogen and one atom Oxygen. It is produced naturally in the human body, as enzymes break down the amino acid Arginine and assists in helping cells communicate. Studies have shown the Nitric Oxide is effective at increasing the blood flow, which in turn serves the purpose of delivering more nutrients to muscles. So obviously, this provides a tremendous benefit to an athlete engaged in serious training.

NO Explode has been the top performing Nitric Oxide product for the past three years and has garnered both top honors in the Nitric Oxide Product of the Year and Muscle Builder Product of the Year from 2005-2007. The thing that separates it from similar supplements is that if offers a mix of five proprietary blends of vasodilators which provide a superior increase of blood flow and Oxygen to muscles during a workout, which allows for better training results.

From my own training with this product, I can definitively attest to the fact that it does provide a superior performance boost. While it has not separated itself, in my mind from other products when it comes to strength training, I do notice the difference in my cardiovascular training. This allows me to reach new VO2 levels and results in more explosive fat-burning and stamina-building results. I heartily recommend this product to anyone looking for an extra edge in their training routine. You’ll feel the difference in your very first workout, and I’m confident that you will be quite impressed with the results you will attain.

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