Quickswing Product Review – Without a doubt, Joe Mauer is one of the greatest pure hitters in professional baseball. Want to know how he got so good? Try the Quickswing sports training tool, which was developed by his own father.

The latest iteration of the Quickswing is the PX4 model, which has been developed and marketed by SKLZ. The SKLZ Quickswing PX4 training aid auto feeds 12 baseballs or 8 softballs every 6, 8 and 10 seconds for the ultimate system for developing fast hands, sharp reaction times and solid mechanics. There are four configurations: Auto-feed gravity drop, rebounder for imitation tee hitting, rebounded angled for soft toss and rebounder angled for turn-around double play. QuickSwing with auto-feed drop balls on an interval you set for quick hands and reaction training. It can be used with practice or regulation balls.

Using this with my own child for the past few years, I found an impressive level of improvement in his hand-eye coordination. Once you have mastered the ability to hit balls of every size and speed, you can really focus on driving through the balls on your swing and boosting the power in your swing. Advanced drills can also be performed to work on hitting balls to all fields. It’s one of the most compact, complete hitting development tools for baseball I have ever worked with.

Additionally, one of the best parts of training was ease of use. We were able to set the Quickswing up in our own basement and using whiffle balls and plastic golf balls, conduct full batting training sessions in the comfort of our own home. Being able to train day or night in any season or condition helps for year-round development and makes it the ideal tool for keeping hitting skills sharp while in the baseball offseason. This is an exceptional product, and in the years that we used it, my son never struck out more than twice in any season of little league. He was already a good hitter and this helped him become a superior contact hitter. I would highly recommend this product to any parent of a youth baseball player who wants to develop into an all-star player.

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