Warm Up Shots - When beginning a shooting session or warming up for a game, stand in front of the rim approximately two feet away. Take a shot and continue until you make five in a row. Next, step back approximately three feet and repeat this process. Once complete, move back to the free throw line and do the same thing. The goal is to loosen up and get your muscle memory set for the drills to come.
More to come!


Knockout – This shooting game requires at least three players and two basketballs. To begin, all players start in a line at the free throw line. Player 1 and Player 2 each have a basketball. Player 1 attempts a shot from the free throw line. If he misses, he needs to get the rebound and make a basket as quickly as possible. After Player 1 takes his first shot, Player 2 can launch his own shot. If he makes it before Player 1, he knocks the player out of the game. If Player 1 makes his shot first, he gets the ball and returns it to Player 3 at the free throw line, then takes his place at the end of the shooting line. Player 3 now attempts to knock out Player 2, and the game continues in this manner, until only one player remains.

3 Point Golf – This shooting drills game involves at least two players. Each player begins in the corner behind the 3 Point Line. Player 1 shoots the ball. If he makes it, he gets a score of 1. If he misses, he grabs the rebound and shoots from the rebounded position. This continues until he makes a shot. The number of shots he attempts, becomes his score for the round. Next, Player 2 shoots and attempts the same thing. The game continues from at least five shooting spots along the 3 Point Line. The winner is the one with the lowest total shooting score after all rounds.

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