Anyone that is a hardcore fitness enthusiast knows that training takes its toll on your body. Nothing is a more common ailment in sports fitness training than joint pain. The standard answer to joint relief is normally thought to be glucosamine. However, I have found an even better solution, which is Super Cissus.

Developed by USPLabs, Super Cissus is a high quality joint support formula. It is recommended that those using this product begin with a loading phase initially, and then lower the dose to the maintenance phase. Many regard this as one of the top products on the market for joint comfort, and report that the longer you use it, the better and more noticeable the effects become.

I can attest to this belief. For months, I had suffered from serious joint pain in my ankles and calves as a result of my intense training regimen and regular basketball runs. Within two weeks of starting my loading phase of Super Cissus, almost all of my ankle pain was relieved. Also noticeable was that my legs and knees felt better than they had in years. I've been on the product for two months and the ability to train without pain has made a huge difference in the quality of my workouts. If you suffer from any form of joint pain, try a one month bottle and see if you experience the amazing relief that I have. I can say without hesitation, this is one of the best sport supplements I have ever used.