Vertical Jump Affiliate program


Vertimax training is an excellent all-around fitness multiplier. If you are looking for a training tool that can assist you in making significant gains in your vertical leap, first-step quickness, and lower-body reactive power, you need to investigate the Vertimax. Quite simply, it’s a revolutionary training system designed for the competitive athlete to build core strength and balance, which is useful for whatever sport you play.

One of the best aspects of the Vertimax is that no matter what sport you play, it can improve your abilities. There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can perform on it to enhance your sport-specific training routine.

The Vertimax comes in a variety of different models ranging from the most basic unit, the V4, all the way up to the most advanced model, the V8+. The benefit of the more advanced models comes in the ability to use more cords simultaneously for highly-targeted workouts.

In testing the Vertimax, I was told to test my vertical leap before jumping on the machine, then testing it again directly after a short workout. The difference was immediately noticeable. I gained almost six inches on my jump immediately. Of course, this is not a permanent gain. Nothing comes that simply. Instead, consider it a preview of what you can achieve permanently with some dedicated time on this apparatus. From experience, I can testify that it works.

The downside of the Vertimax is that the basic training unit can be costly, and they are not the standard type of equipment that you can find in any gymnasium. However, if you are a competitive athlete, an investment in the Vertimax can do nothing but help you in achieving your maximum athletic potential.


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