by Nancy Juma


VO2 Max Training is an essential part of any high-level competitive athlete's training regimen. Quite simply being able to perform at a high level longer and more intensely than an oopponent will always give you a decided edge in any sporting competition.

VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can use for energy purposes at the time of running or doing a hard task. The higher the level of V02 max training, then the greater capacity of endurance you will have. During any endurance or aerobic exercise, as your exercise intensity increases, your VO2 max increases as well. Generally, the more exercise you do the higher the chances of reaching an emersion point. At this level of maximum exertion, it is referred to as maximum oxygen consumption. This is the maximum amount of oxygen that the body is capable of consuming and later converts to energy for your muscles in use.

Based on your genetics, training, and current fitness program you are involved in, you can considerably improve your VO2 max ranging from 5%-15%. This can easily be achieved by doing intense workouts consistently. Such interval workouts will be a bit challenging, as it demands working at 95%-100% of the maximum heart rate. It is obvious that between each work out interval you will need at least an active resting period which will be twice as long as the work interval. This has to take an estimated duration of thirty seconds to three minutes. One of the most important thing you should never forget while doing VO2 max training is to gradually introduce this training program by starting with just few intervals and then increase the duration after some intervals.

In order to measure your VO2, you must compare the difference between the amounts of oxygen that you inspire and the amount that you expire. So to accurately determine your VO2, you need to be familiar with the amount of air which you inspire and expire, as well as the percentage of oxygen for each of them. This can be calculated using various laboratory equipment. Once you are aware of your VO2 max, you can formulate a plan for the best VO2 max training workout for your body.

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