by Robert Lobitz

I am an athletic and active stage performer who needs to keep their body in tip-top shape. I have tried everything you can imagine. I have bought free weights and done weight training, put on boxing gloves and hit the bag and bought skates to hit the ice for some hockey. After a lot of money spent and a lot of good times had, I have determined that yoga is really the best workout routine for me.

Yoga can be done in your own home, on your break at work or really anywhere that it would be socially acceptable to spread out and look a little goofy. I do suggest going to a yoga class with a good instructor who knows what they are doing. The classes are not just so you can learn the moves. You need to know the proper posture and positions, which can only be adjusted by someone who knows what to look for. If you are in downward facing dog, you can't see your own pose so you can't see where you need to adjust. Once you've mastered the poses, you can take the practice to the park or into your own home.

Another nice thing about yoga is that it costs very little. There is very little equipment to buy and what you should buy costs very little. A yoga mat and a yoga block (for those who are a bit more inflexible to start) cost about the same as a pair of boxing gloves and those are really all you need to get started. No special clothes or shoes. In fact, you donĂ­t want to wear shoes and many people forgo clothing all together. That is not mandatory, but it is very freeing.

Yoga improves flexibility, cardio vascular health and strength. It is also very low impact and very relaxing. You are going to feel great in a way that you have never experienced before.